Partner with Us
It has always been our goal to create innovative products and bring those to the business at an affordable price, so that a large number of businesses can benefit from this. To be in sync with the changing markets & new age consumer demands, Shahenaz Home Fashion Pvt. Ltd is proud to present our business extension- Shahenaz Home Shop, a chain of exclusive stores as well as store-in-stores offering high-end luxury soft home furnishings.
We constantly update and improve our products with defined product roadmaps so as to continually evolve our company to be in the best position. This is done to accelerate new range of products and to better serve our customers.
Our brand, our stores, our story is incessantly progressing. We are a dynamic, fast-paced brand with an exciting growth strategy. We value imagination, diversity and giving people the opportunity to explore, grow and shape our future. We believe in collaborating wherever we can- it makes us better at what we do.
We invite distributors, wholesalers, retailers and franchisee to contact our Business Development Team for further details. Please call (+91-22) 2370 2394 or email